Dressember: A Reflection

If you know me, you probably know that I don’t like wearing makeup or heels or… dresses. So how does the girl who is usually found in leggings, converse, and a flannel end up wearing dresses for 31 days straight?


Tijuana: Neverending Noises (Journal Entry)

This is the second part in a series of journal entries from and thoughts about my spring break trip to Tijuana, Mexico. It's not that it's loud. It's just never silent. At night, the streets are filled with sirens, dogs howling, and motorcycles revving their engines. During the day, it's constant chatter around the orphanage, music blaring in the … Continue reading Tijuana: Neverending Noises (Journal Entry)

An Attempt at Organizing my Thoughts on the Election

Since I realized that Donald Trump would step into the Oval Office, I have faced tremendous difficulty in properly explaining my thoughts and my feelings. I have shared articles and photos that share my sentiments. I have spoken out against oppression and in support of minorities as best as I could muster. But I have … Continue reading An Attempt at Organizing my Thoughts on the Election